Micro Grant Program

2021 MicroGrant Program Update

We are pausing the MicroGrant program indefinitely as the pandemic has restricted our funds to be able to fulfill microgrant requests. We thank you for your patience and appreciate your time and effort that went into applying.

MicroGrant Program for Educators & Teachers

Being an educator or a teacher in a classroom today without the proper educational technology is becoming all too common of a problem. Current technology offers students and teachers alike the benefit to achieve more than ever was thought possible. Did you know, that according to a LEAD Commission Poll, 96% of Teachers and 92% of Parents find that the integration of technology into schools and learning is highly important to students’ education and achievement? That’s nearly 100% of Teachers and Parents in agreement that educational technology is a highly valuable asset to students’ learning.

Educators of America are driven to not only supply teachers and educators with the classroom technology they need but also train them to use it in the most effective ways possible. If you are a teacher who needs an effective technological tool that will assist in bettering student achievement, not only in your classroom but throughout your entire institution, take the time to fill out our grant application. Our classroom technology grant applications are reviewed on a bi-annual basis.

Grant Qualifications, Guidelines & Deadlines

Qualifications To Apply:

  • K-12 School (Public, Private, Charter, or Religious)
  • Young Adult Education Centers or Community Services Center
  • English Language Learning Centers & Organizations
  • STEM/STEAM Centers & Organizations

MicroGrant Submission Deadlines:

  • Spring Deadline: April 15th
  • Fall Deadline: September 15th

MicroGrant Review Process:

  • After you successfully submit your application, it goes through the grant application review process, which generally consists of the following steps: application review, programmatic review (including peer review, if applicable), and financial, and education technology review.
  • Applications are initially reviewed for registration information and completeness, ensuring that basic requirements, as described in the solicitation, are met.
  • If all basic requirements are met, the grant review committee will then review the application to make sure the information presented is reasonable and understandable and that the activities proposed in the application are measurable, achievable, and consistent with micro-grant program guidelines. The grant committee will also review the application to determine if it is responsive or non-responsive to the micro-grant program areas.  For competitive discretionary solicitations, this next step may also include a peer review of the application. The results of this programmatic review are used in conjunction with other relevant factors to assess applications and make ultimate funding decisions.
  • Finally, the Board of Directors conducts a final review of all applications. During this process, the integrity and financial capability of applicants are evaluated, proposed costs of Education Technology are examined, and a determination is made as to whether the proposed EdTech budget and budget narrative accurately explain the project’s costs. The Board of Directors also determines whether these costs are reasonable, necessary, and allowable under applicable federal cost principles and agency regulations.
  • The full review and award process takes at least three months. Applicants who submit by April 15th will know their acceptance or rejection by July 1st. Applicants who submit by September 15th will know their acceptance or rejection by January 1st.

Application Guidelines:

  • Fill out our Grant Application Form below to apply for the Microgrant Program. Please be specific as possible when filling out the application, including what technological resources, how they will be used, and what long-term strategy will be employed to ultimately increase student achievement and technology integration.
  • Please include an attachment for the budget for the requested Education Technology. Please attach any documents that support the application, including budget plan, implementation schedule, curriculum, or M & M&E processes.
  • The budget limit for Education Technology Microgrants can be no more than $5,000 USD worth. No cash or capital is provided to recipients. Recipients will receive the requested Education Technology if awarded.

Educators of America MicroGrant Application PAUSED

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