Educator of the Year

Honoring our Educators

Since 2015, we have been proud to nominate and present teachers around the country with our ‘Educator of the Year’ award. This award is presented to teachers or educators who are committed to improving education through technology for both students and teachers.

Being a teacher or educator is a career that demands patience, compassion, discipline, and commitment. A teacher does not become a teacher for the benefits or the monetary incentives, they become a teacher because they know that they have the ability to change the course of students’ lives for the better. Teachers continually do not receive the recognition they deserve; for going in day after day and teaching with limited resources, and giving their all despite the monumental and institutionalized obstacles they face. We want to show them we not only respect what they do, but we hold them in the highest regard among professions.

The ‘Educator of the Year’ award recognizes the determination amongst teachers or administrative professionals who understand the need for the integration of technology and education to increase student achievement. Moreover, they comprehend the long term benefits of teachers using effective classroom technology to enhance student engagement and success.

Nomination Process

Know a teacher or educator in Western New York who deserves to win? We will begin to accept nominations for the 2018 ‘Educator of the Year’ on April 2nd through June 30th. The nomination process includes filling out a nomination form detailing the proposed educator, their school, and a brief description of their achievements and why they should be considered for ‘Educator of the Year.’

After the nomination process, the Educators of America board will review the nominations and select the top five finalists. The five nominees who have been selected as ‘Educator of the Year’ finalists will be notified in August of 2018 to generate excitement as they enter into the 2018-2019 school year.

During the months of September, October, and November, the Educators of America board will perform site visits to directly observe the finalists and interview the finalists’ school principals. After all site visits, observations, interviews, and voting have been completed, the announcement of winners and runner-ups will occur at the Educators of America’s end-of-year Holiday Party.

Please keep in mind the following for nominations:

  • Nominate only ONE teacher or educator
  • Please provide a detailed description
  • All nominations are due by the final due date, no exceptions

Educator of the Year

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    Previous ‘Educator of the Year’ Recipients

    2016 Recipient

    Colleen McNamara

    Our 2016 Educator of the Year award recipient is Colleen McNamara. Colleen is a fifth grade teacher at Alexander Elementary School in Alexander, NY and has been spearheading the face of change in teaching methods. Her dynamic approach, which includes encouraging her students to take on a “professional young adult” attitude has allowed students to engage in meaningful and respectful conversations concerning lessons from the text.

    Besides teaching fifth grade, Colleen owns her own education business titled ‘Stutelage’. The company is based in East Amherst, NY and hosts educational camps and birthday parties that give educators a base to do in-home tutoring and programs for elementary-aged children.

    Her energy, innovative attitude, and desire to push the envelope on what it means to be a teacher has earned her the 2016 Educator of the Year award. Congratulations Colleen! We look forward to seeing you prosper and accomplish even more for current and future students.

    2015 Recipient

    Principal Felicia Quarles-Treadwell

    Our 2015 Educator of the Year winner is Principal Felicia Quarles-Treadwell. She is the principal of Rutherford B. Gaston Middle School in Fresno, California. Her high levels of commitment to improving technology in Gaston Middle and throughout the Fresno Unified School District are unparalleled.

    We were happy to present Principal Quarles-Treadwell with the Educator of the Year award in person during our visit to her school in October of 2015. Congratulations again to you and your school. We look forward to seeing your continued dedication to classroom technology to help students achieve more than ever before.

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