About Us

What is Educators of America?

Educators of America is a national nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping teachers improve student engagement and achievement in the classroom. We were established in 2015 in the chilly-yet-always-loveable city of Buffalo, NY, and currently operate across the entire United States as well as internationally (Shout out to Namibia!).

Our Mission

To connect educators and teachers with the tools, training, or technology they need to help students increase achievement in the classroom every day.

Our organization is staffed with certified teachers who work with educators across the United States to help teachers rediscover their passion for teaching while offering professional development training, new or existing technology integration with curriculum and technology microgrant fulfillments.

The founding of Educators of America in 2015 was ignited by seeing teachers’ needs and wants to fix the disconnect between themselves and their students in the classroom. Compounding this was the role of education technology. How can edtech improve student engagement? What are better ways to encourage its use to improve student achievement while triggering teachers’ desire to teach? Which edtech products spur creativity in the classroom? How does it all incorporate into our curriculum?

These questions, which are only a few that come with the juxtaposition of education technology, professional development and student engagement, is why Educators of America exists and sees itself as a pioneer of the edtech integration and professional development field.

Educators of America believes in the power of Project-Based Learning (PBL). For students and teachers alike, it opens up collaborative and engaging avenues never seen before. From sustainable community gardens to water conservation practices, PBL gives students the ability to increase their critical thinking, creativity and teamwork skills. Attractive, right? We like to think so, too.

We are determined to alter education by providing teachers the technological resources and professional development skills to inspire students to achieve more than ever before. Our mission is simple: to connect educators and teachers with the tools and training they need to help students increase achievement in the classroom every day. We plan to achieve this through five programs:

As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we have to be resourceful, flexible, and determined to achieve our mission. We began this organization to break down barriers that prevent students and teachers from learning, teaching, and growing into all that they want to be. If you feel like we do (and if you’ve read down this far, we like to think you do), help us achieve our mission today.

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